Super Hero Fight Club


Epic battles between all kinds of heroes


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Super Hero Fight Club is a 2D action game in which players duke it out in exciting (and outrageous) 2 dimensional battles. Two heroes will enter the arena, but only one will make it out alive.

The controls in Super Hero Fight Club are what make the game so unique and original. Pressing on the sides of the screen make your hero fly in one direction or the other, while pressing on both sides simultaneously will make them dash in a straight line. And that's it. By moving around the setting, you have to try to kill your opponent.

Each of the more than one hundred heroes available in Super Hero Fight Club has a unique weapon. Some heroes have a sword, while others use a flail, flamethrower, or machine gun. This means that you have to adapt your movements to the types of weapon your hero is using, adding a level of variety to the game.

Super Hero Fight Club is an excellent 2D action game, which you can play online against other players, in single player against bots, or even against a friend using the same device. The game also features nice graphics and a huge number of characters, levels, and colossal 'power ups.'

Requires Android 4.4 or higher